12/11 2021
The Stockholm gig finally took place, at Slaktkyrkan. Setlist:

    Jack the Ripper Lover
    I Am Cocaine
    Lipstick on My Dick
    Stinking Cocks
    Ass Fucking Murder
    Just an Ordinary Fuck
    To Hurt
    Anal Desire
    Don't Go Near the River
    In My Garden
    I Need Speed
    It's a Burning Hell

18/3 2021
Obviously the 2020 gig didn't pan out. If all goes well this year, it will finally take place on November 12..

    Also, the transcription of the lyrics to Disposal Of A Dead Body is now mostly complete, and Souvenirs is also starting to come together.

16/2 2020
Brainbombs will be doing Stockholm this fall, playing at Slaktkyrkan's Hus 7 on September 5.

    Also, new album Cold Case available for pre-order on Skrammel Records, with the preview track In Pain available on Youtube.

31/1 2018
Discography finally up to speed again, including last year's Inferno.

15/8 2016
New album Souvenirs available for pre-order from Skrammel Records. "Exclusive release of 500 hand stamped copies. 8 new tracks."

    And No Balls (Drajan+Dan) has recently released a split tape with Blank Veins on UNC.

    Also, Berserktown LA apparently got a dose of Brainbombs at the Teragram Ballroom yesterday.

2/12 2014
Brainbombs will be playing 21/3 2015 at Ääniwalli in Helsinki, supported by Sokea Piste and Throat.

    Facebook event

2/9 2014
Brainbombs will be playing a sold out live performance in Stockholm, at Fylkingen, on October 4.

14/10 2013
New double LP Disposal Of A Dead Body out on Skrammel Records.

13/12 2009
Added the Z Gun #2 interview, and an unpublished 2008 interview by Slobodan Burgher in original Swedish and translated into English.

25/10 2009
Added English translations of the Alzheimer #2 and Smack Attack #2 interviews.

24/10 2009
Added English translation of the humongous interview from Mina Ögon!! Mina Ögon!!! #10.

30/8 2009
Added lyrics for Substitute For Flesh. Added a review of Obey.

20/4 2009
New 7" released and promptly sold out. Details to follow.

24/12 2008
Some external links documenting the recent gig in Paris: Eight photos and two Youtube snippets, Oh What a Feeling and Urge to Kill.

4/12 2008
Finally added English subtitles to the Brainbombs interview on Youtube. Click the triangle in the lower right corner, then CC.

27/11 2008
Fucking Mess sold out at Release the Bats, and pretty much everywhere else. Try Stockholm's Sound Pollution, e-mail order@soundpollution.se for overseas orders.

26/11 2008
Fucking Mess lyrics transcribed.

19/11 2008
New album Fucking Mess released on Lystring. Order directly from them, or from the reliable Release the Bats if your Swedish is a bit rusty.

19/11 2008
Brainbombs - Brutal Rock Macabre - live at the Sonic Protest festival, Paris, France, December 12th. Tickets available here.

2/10 2008
Macht lyrics updated. Getting there!

2/10 2008
Live at Lund sold out at Richie Records. Move fast or miss out. Get it from Armageddon while stocks last.

20/7 2008
Brainbombs scheduled for live performance in Paris, December 12th. Details to follow.

20/7 2008
New release Live at Lund, documenting the gig at Smålands Nation, Lund, Sweden, May 29th, 1993. Available from RichieRecords/TestosterTunes.

20/7 2008
Added an article featuring reviews of Cheap and Stigma of the Ripper from New York Waste magazine. Thanks to author Chuck.

19/5 2008
New release of the Obey CD on Armageddon. Also be sure to check out their nice Brainbombs shirt designs while you're at it.

5/3 2008
Not much going on. Added a review of Obey from Close-Up Magazine, in Swedish.

13/8 2007
Surabaya Jackie has alerted us of a Brainbombs feature in the premier issue of the fanzine Z Gun, available from S-S Records at $4 + p&p.

Also, we have added their website review of Stinking Memory.

16/4 2007
New compilation out on Pollymaggoo Records. Available from them in Europe, and from Load Records in the U.S.

14/2 2007
Touched up the Macht lyrics and took a wild stab at the unintelligible Graveyard Kitchen lyrics. Suggestions welcome!

12/2 2007
Corrected lyrics on the Burning Hell album.

7/2 2007
The first pressing of Stinking Memory has been sold out for a while, but you can pre-order your copy of the second pressing at Anthem Records.

25/1 2007
Stinking Memory 7" released on Anthem Records, and they claim it's the last one. Limited to 377 copies.

9/8 2006
Recent additions: Added I Need Speed. Added cover scans for King Kong #3. Corrected lyrics on Burning Hell.

28/7 2006
I Need Speed has finally been released and apparently immediately sold out on Big Brothel. I hope you all pre-ordered.

22/7 2006
Get your own copy of the Brainbombs interview from Mina ögon!! Mina ögon!!!, contained in the new Mina ögon!! Mina ögon!!! 1987-2006 anthology being released on Lystring. The book has its own mini-site here.

From the English info page:

Mina Ogon!! Mina Ogon!!! 1987-2006 is a collection of fanzines made by Pontus Lundkvist and his colleagues and contains stories of punk, strange music, zero budget movies and whatnot. Most of it is written in Swedish, but a large section in the middle is in English and the pictures are pretty to look at, so feel free to order one.

22/7 2005
Nothing new, really, for quite a while. "I Need Speed" still on hold. German imposter-punksters "Brainbombs" called it quits last year, apparently.

3/2 2005
The video for "Jack the Ripper Lover" is now available for download at the Load Records website. Go get it immediately! Thanks to Guestbook-Björn.

3/10 2004
Added cover pictures for the Anne Frank 7". Thanks to indy.

19/8 2004
Added cover pictures for the Obey LP. Added complete liner notes for Obey LP/CD. Added a review of Burning Hell/Genius and Brutality, Taste and Power.

11/8 2004
Upcoming Brainbombs single "I Need Speed" out soon on Big Brothel Records. Check out the link to place pre-orders.

Added cover scans for the Burning Hell 7".

28/7 2004
Added cover scans for the Obey 7".

26/7 2004
Added lyrics for Psychout Crash Kid and Second Coming.

25/7 2004
Added Obey LP to discography. The complete Mina Ögon!! Mina Ögon!!! interview now available.

24/7 2004
Added lyrics for Jack The Ripper Lover, No End, the Live Action EP, Urge To Kill, Do What's Right, Pleasures and Dreams, and made a few corrections on other tracks.

23/7 2004
Recently Brainbombs released a new 7", called The Grinder, on the Ken Rock label.

Added cover scan for the Burning Hell LP, added scans, lyrics and a review for The Grinder, added cover scan and lyrics for the Cheap, added a small cover picture for the Obey 7" and added a review of the Stigma of the Ripper.

23/7 2003
Added cover picture and reviews of the Hawkwind tribute compilation Assassins of Silence.

22/7 2003
According to rumors from usually reliable sources the split was only temporary, and Brainbombs have recorded new material since then.

Added lyrics from Stigma of the Ripper, reviews of Cheap, Stigma of the Ripper and Urge to Kill.

7/7 2003
The tUMULt 7" is finally released. It's called "Stigma of the Ripper" and can be bought at Tumult.net for $6 including postage.

29/10 2002
A new Brainbombs 7" is due on tUMULt Laboratories, and according to the tUMULt web page it will be the Brainbombs' final release.

Late 2001
New 12" named Cheap released on Load, containing four new songs and a Alec Empire remix of "Burning Hell".