1. I received the new album, Fucking Mess, the other day, and have been playing it nonstop since. Full of instant classics! A friend of mine, a loyal Brainbombs fan since many years, claimed it to "bizarre that this is the period of their most intense activity and interest in them". How did you finally come to pulling your thumbs out and recording a new album?

- Brainbombs Fucking Mess is a testament/funeral. B.B. found previous releases to be too naïve, this time it's for real.

2. How did the songwriting come about? Did Dan write the lyrics ("Dan is the brains of Brainbombs" as stated in an old interview)? And the music, I imagine most of the riffs were already written before you entered the studio as it's been a while since you recorded anything...

- The programme of text+riffs has been set since two years. Who's this Dan?

3. I noticed form the very beginning that "Oh What a Feeling" wasn't a Björn Skifs cover (ha-ha-ha) but a composition that, like "Skinned Alive", yearns to "gently remove skin". You've previously stated that a number of Brainbombs songs are tributes to the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, as well as Dennis Nilsen. Who, and what, in specific, are glorified on "Fucking Mess"?

- No-one has ever been glorified by B.B. As usual, enemies have misquoted us. B.B. report events, similar to a newscast about life, death, sex, violence.

4. The LP is more or less already sold-out, at least abroad. The record hasn't been out for more than a week, and some distros and record stores report that it sold out in a matter of hours. How do you feel about this?

- I know nothing about feelings.

5. Were you pleased with the final result? The question might strike you as odd, but considering you recorded it this summer, you might have had some time to reflect upon it.

- No.

6. Is there a thought behind doing a round of only 600 copies (630?)? It makes sense that Lystring/Fredrik would only make as many as a first release, considering their not exactly being EMI... but is this a conscious decision, would you prefer fewer people to listen to your music? Is a smaller audience more manageable?

- After serious consideration, B.B. reached the conclusion that there were 630 potential buyers. 4 copies to the members would be sufficient, however. Our goal has never been to sell records.

6. Are you worried that Brainbombs will suffer new attacks from Swedish media - taken into account your cult status, the demand for your new album, playing in Paris, etc? I can see the headlines already: "Internationally renowned Grammy-nominees Brainbombs of Hudiksvall advocate paedophilia!"

- Swedish media is the least of our worries, they're just a bunch of inbred morons. I assume you refer to "Obey"?! Paedophilia? Not in the least, besides, that riff has been renamed "The Song of Father Murphy"

7. How come you're playing Paris' Sonic Protest? This sees the Brainbombs performing outside Scandinavia for the first time. Considering your history of playing very rarely (and latest in 1995), it's also "un événement dans l'événement", to quote the French. I've heard people are planning to fly in from all over the world just to attend your concert - especially after the rumour of a cancelled New York gig in May.

- Brainbombs wanted to go to Paris for a holiday.

8. Sonic Protest is a festival celebrating experimental music, and the other bands seem to be experimental electro, noise, no wave, art rock, etc. Do you perceive yourselves as an experimental band? Do you plan you watch any other bands at the festival?

- Brainbombs don't play music. Maybe Catalogue.

9. I read the following message on the Internet, signed Brainbombs: "We will, of course, bring copies to Paris to sell at the gig, too, but I understand if you want to learn the new songs in advance so that you can sing along." Do you expect there will be a lot of sing-along at Sonic Protest? French schoolgirls wearing berets and striped blouses singing along to "Stinking Cocks"?

- Stinking Cocks won't be played, so no French schoolgirls. They're better off with Father Murphy.

10. Getting Brainbombs to play live, well, you have somewhat of a reputation of being hard to get on stage. Is Paris the beginning of a new era? Will the world see more Brainbombs gigs in the wake of the new album? Is anything planned? Like I mentioned, USA got cancelled, but the yanks seem pretty eager to get bands over there...

- A 10-inch is planned. The U.S. is out of the question due to some juridical problems, besides there are too many Americans in the country.

11. What's your opinion on Cockcleaner? The seem to namedrop Brainbombs in interviews... personally I think they suck.

- Other bands feature music, played by musicians influenced by other musicians. B.B. aren't musicians, there are no influences. All there is, is the riff.

12. Speaking of other (crap) bands, did you notice how much Turbonegro stole from Brainbombs? Each and every line of lyrics seemed to be lifted straight off you - "penetrate your asshole", "no right to live", etc.

- Couldn't care less about what other bands play. Boy bands trying to emulate the reality of the streets only gets ironic.

13. That weird remix by that German, Alex Empire, off the Cheap 12-inch, it turned out too much like Whitehouse, or? A bit of vocals over the noise would have been better if you ask me, but still pretty decent. What do you think?

- Piss. We're going to do our own remix for the 10-inch.

14. Is singing the lyrics in English easier - that is, does not singing them in Swedish distance you from them, and make it more of a theatre act?

- Brainbombs is an international act. Nothing for the state radio.

15. "But once in a while a genius comes by". Noticed any geniuses recently?

- Myself, cooking a genius meal yesterday - macaroni and ketchup.

16. Is the world any different nowadays, compared to when you started Brainbombs?

- B.B. have their own, static world. What happens outside it is of no interest.

17. I know Peter Sotos's name comes up every time Brainbombs are mentioned, but whatever, what do you think of Peter Sotos these days? Any other sources of inspiration?

- Peter de Sotos is a genuinely nice man, who's been treated very badly. I've lost touch with his later works, though. For inspiration: The Book of Revelations, Bataille - Story of the Eye.

18. I read on a Swedish blog the other day, that for a long period of time Brainbombs were thought of as non-existent, not being a "real band", etc. And judging by what American people write, one would be led to believe that you're in possession of the odd cellar-based torture chamber. For ages, no information about the band was available, then, suddenly, a YouTube clip surfaces, uploaded by yourself, of "Skinned Alive" from this summer's studio session, in which Brainbombs can be seen as ordinary people (!). There is always room for over-interpretation, but I sense in this - new album, Paris gig, the rumoured U.S. tour, Myspace page, etc - that you're a bit tired of the mythology and speculation surrounding the band. Is there any truth to this?

- Brainbombs find making the occasional movie fun. Skinned Alive was mostly a rehearsal, come Paris.

19. And, by the way, was the entire studio session filmed - when is the DVD due?

- No.

20. Lanchy's playing in Totalitär is often mentioned, and since "Tottis" are fairly well-renowned, thinking that Brainbombs can't be sincere about their lyrics isn't too far-fetched. I guess you've heard this a hundred times before, but what's your take on it?

- Lanchy isn't a member of B.B. Lanchy is a member of Totalitär.

21. How do you find the description of Brainbombs as being "a brutal exorcism for a public obsessed with evil"? I think of Peter Sotos having always denied there to be any meaning, morality or purpose to his material. How does this relate to Brainbombs?

- Peter de Sotos is correct.