"I had but one thought running through my head: this guy stays down."

No one who has ever listened to the Brainbombs has ever remained the same. By simply being themselves, they've made an impact far beyond the "I Want To Be Dangerous"-culture they've, by their mere existence, already conquered - a name you hesitate to utter louder than a whisper, and which by sheer and utter gruesomeness is located miles and miles up their own sideroad from the public highway of autopsy videos and decapitation imagery. We met up with the Råberg brothers at Restaurant Carmen in Stockholm close to a year ago, and caught a glimpse of all things life has to offer if you stay true to the voice in your heart. Brainbombs are 100 % PURE.

Fredrik: What's our tactic here, do you have any questions?

Johannes: Come again?

Fredrik: Have any questions?

Johannes: Yep, I have good questions. I'll go first.

Pontus: I'm all...

Johannes: Is that the correct side?

Dan: Here's my brother now.

Johannes: I find his singing magnificent.

Dan: Yes, I like it on Obey, he was damn good on that.

Johannes: I think he's brilliant on the last one, my friends are scared of him.

Dan: Well....is good. That particular song, I don't listen to it. It's too gross.

Fredrik: Did you write those lyrics?

Dan: Yes.

Fredrik: It exceeded your expectations.

Johannes: He really sounds like...

Dan: Peter, or maybe Jonas, was out on the town, drunk, in Uppsala, when somebody said "Child fuck child rape, yeah", and they thought it to be good lyrics.

Johannes: He sings with such emotion, I can really picture a rapist being like that.

Dan: Heh.

Johannes: ...around in Leeds with a hammer sitting comfortably in his hand. Tired and indifferent.

Dan: Have a seat here.

Johannes: The creepy brother.

(Hands are shaken)

Johannes: May I ask a question? Being from the north of Sweden, do you believe the Lapps have too many rights?

Dan (?): Yes. Without a doubt. They should be exterminated. They serve no useful purpose.

Johannes: I'm one-eighth Lapp myself.

Fredrik: I have a real question: how did you discover Peter Sotos?

Peter: Pardon?

Fredrik: Peter Sotos.

Peter: With Pure.

Fredrik: Yes, but...

Peter: ...what's their name? They released industrial music mail-order...

Dan: Pop'n'roll Family?

Peter: Pop'n'roll Family. At that time, Whitehouse and...

Fredrik: Right...mumbles...is Peter Sotos a greater hero than Whitehouse, or the other way around?

Peter: No, Whitehouse are... One wasn't familiar with Peter Sotos at first, but when one realised Peter Sotos was behind quite a lot, it was too late, you were already quite influenced by Whitehouse.

Fredrik: Yeah, ok, and still... things are connected to each other. Did you think anyone would notice you stealing the lyrics? Or was it a deliberate homage?

Dan: Tough question... I read Pure, and certain sentences stuck with me, and I thought that this would make some really great lyrics. Some kids shouting "Jack the Ripper Lover" at a girl having survived an attack. At that time I found... it beautiful. That's how it started.

Fredrik: ...so you stole it. "Jack the Ripper Lover" has the archetypical Brainbombs lyrics, and the ball was rolling.

Johannes: I have a question: the Holocaust - living history or a zionist conspiracy?

Dan: I firmly believe the Holocaust happened.

Peter: Why deny it?

Dan: I've never understood neo-nazis and other deniers, since it was Adolf's grand scheme. Why deny his ideas?

Peter: If you're a nazi, you have to acknowledge the Holocaust, since it's the main thing.

Johannes: It's like stripping the cake of its icing. And you're nazis?

Brainbombs: No!

Johannes: The reason for me bringing it up are these Anne Frank lyrics.

Johannes Nilsson, Dan RåbergPontus: Eh...

Dan: I think there have existed lots of Anne Franks, but her in particular I don't believe in. I reckon a Jewish dad made it all up in order to make a shitload of money.

Johannes: That book is a bit too good, it's kind of too dramaturgically well-put-together, I played it in school.

Peter: Just think about it, everyone who ever went to school was plagued by that book, that's why you hate Anne Frank. I find the novel rather tedious.

Dan: She was a little whore who fucked nazis.

Johannes: Why deny the truth? You confess everything or you believe in all that. And add some things to taste.

Peter: Yes, everything on TV, on the radio, and in commercials is the truth.

Johannes: Naturally. Otherwise, what's it doing there. Ok, any more serious questions? This is your interview, ask a question.

Fredrik: It's your tape recorder.

Dan: Whoever owns the tape recorder wields the power.

Johannes: It's your fanzine.

Dan: What kind of fanzine is this?

Johannes: My Ears, My Ears.

Pontus: Eyes, no?

Johannes: Speaking of which, someone tried to take Alvin's eyes out with their thumbs...well, there's a question, you grew up in Hudiksvall, right? Were those violent days, did you receive or administer a lot of ass-kickings during your adolescence?

Peter: Administer.

Johannes: Of course, seeing that you are two regular jocks.

Peter: I was hated by the entire city. Dan loved it, since he got to fight all the time. He sent me out in advance, and then he and two other guys walked behind, hoping I would get jumped so he could get in on the action.

Pontus: Were you a good fighter?

Johannes: What were your tactics? Fists first, followed by a head-butt?

Dan: No head-butts.

Johannes: Did you ever try to take out someone's...

Peter: Knuckle-dusters!

Johannes: Ever try a rock in a sock?

Dan: No. Did try a rock inside the fist, though.

Fredrik: Knuckle-dusters really sound like the North.

Dan: Well, they didn't have these spikes, just the thick brass knuckles. I had them decorated with a small flower and my name... I hit a guy really good with them once.

Johannes: Did you ever try to take out someone's eyes with your thumbs? Very popular redneck move, I've been told.

Dan: I fought pretty clean, actually.

Johannes: Save for the knuckle-dusters, then.

Dan: Yes, but that was down to them being three on one. I had no choice. Besides, they were huge guys.

Peter: It went down like this: Dan and his friend were dressed in women's outfits. I was walking in my usual clothes, one meter in front of them. A car stops, tires screeching, and three bodybuilders jump out, shouting "We're gonna murder you".

MÖMÖ: At you?

Peter: At me. Dan was in drag and wore makeup, but I was the one they were going to kill.

Johannes: Maybe they thought they were your bitches.

Dan: My buddy stepped up and asked them why they were messing with Peter, then just bam! and they were kicking him in the head with their clogs. I stepped into it and told them to get a piece of me instead, donned the knuckle-dusters and let 'em fly. With great success, I swung from my knees and hit the first guy in the chest, knocking him out cold before he hit the ground. I saw the other two come running and had but one thought running through my head: this guy stays down. So I straddled him, landed two punches on his face before the others arrived. I kept swinging and they gave up.

Pontus: Must have looked extremely beautiful, with the drag and all.

Peter: I studied it at close range, and when he sat down, the skirt was lifted and you could see the edge of the fishnets ending in his underwear.

Johannes: You'll have to visit Järna for a fight some time.

Dan: I stay pretty calm these days.

Pontus: Instead the music fills the void.

Johannes: You relieve all aggressions with your lyrics.

Fredrik: As you reached the age of being the ass-kickee instead of the ass-kicker, you began writing lyrics instead.

Dan: The lyrics are romantic ballads. Songs about reality.

Johannes: The love of a child.

Fredrik: What's your parents' opinion of the records?

Dan: Well, they think... they were a bit ashamed when I was on TV. No, really, they're used to it.

Fredrik: The bad seeds... Oh, yeah, the TV feature. Lanchy told me you were really scared after the recording and before it was broadcast, since you told the TV team a lot of stupid things.

Peter: Yes, but luckily they were edited out.

Dan: He edited out our summer's greetings to the citizens of Hudiksvall.

Peter: He asked us whether we had any season's greetings to them and we said that only hillbillies and hookers lived there, and maybe idiots as well? And they could all just go and die.

Fredrik: The way Lanchy put it was that you had mentioned names, stuff like that.

Dan: No, we didn't, but we still got jumped for the things left whenever we went out on the town.

Peter: We had embarrassed Hudiksvall and we had bad-mouthed Hudiksvall and

Fredrik: Did it ever come to you getting beaten up?

Peter: No, there were letters to the local newspaper, we had embarrassed Hudiksvall. Then, one Sunday afternoon, Dan and I went about town, we were anguished and almost planned our way around as to not having to meet any people. We saw a guy in his mid-30's with a child and had him pegged as harmless, and thought we'd make our way past him... hehe. He was going to kill us. We had made fools out of the entire city. "Bad for tourism", he said.

Fredrik: Only the two of you, or the other people featured as well?

Peter: Only us, we were two foolish simpletons. Idiots.

Fredrik: I thought you didn't say an awful lot regarding Hudiksvall, you were just rambling on about...

Peter: We were being positive and nice.

Fredrik: The parts where you were negative were edited out. However, it might not take an awful lot to provoke people in Hudiksvall.

Johannes: I think I heard something negative about Hudiksvall in some TV show...

Fredrik: That's what we were talking about. What happened after you got arrested in customs, that was quite a big story in the papers.

Dan: ... First thing that happened when I arrived at the embassy here in Stockholm to get a visa, was that she presented me wit a xerox of my lyrics. "What's all this, then?" They had sent it to her from London. Then I dismissed her as an idiot.

Pontus: English people are sensitive. Dismember had a similar experience.

Peter Råberg, Dan Råberg, Fredrik Jonsson Dan: It's all so fucking sick, since that man at the airport, what's its name, the Home Office, he was a bloody pig. He was sitting there, asking me "so, you want to suck the dicks of small boys", stuff like that. I told him he needed to separate truth from fiction. But according to him, I was everything in the lyrics, that was what I was like. He told my wife they had no intention of letting her end up alone with me. She told him she wasn't alone as she had two dogs and a cat. I asked his name several times, but he refused to answer. I wanted to report him, but they consistently refused to answer these things. And when it hit the newspapers, I agreed on an interview, since it was Kia, Drajan's girlfriend. [Newspaper] Dagens Nyheter. [Tabloid] Aftonbladet called me over and over. They were insane. They even called Rolf at home. I'm telling you nothing, I said. Then they called Rolf, they wanted my lyrics for publication. Never, I told them, the lyrics have nothing to do with it. Some cunt at Aftonbladet. Completely batshit, I tell you. Nothing to do with it at all. The lyrics weren't the issue. The principle was. So I stonewalled them. Then they publish a full page in Aftonbladet, making up a lot of fucking lies and made-up quotes. "I want to destroy the entire world", it said, and stuff like that, not sure where they got that from, since I never spoke to her. They call Rolf and are all "we'll pay for a cab, go to his place and get some lyrics".

Johannes: The guy in Dismember would have been up for it. I'm sure he was, too.

Peter: We never did that thing. It has never been called for.

Johannes: So, your privacy is more important than the band?

Peter: No, it's not!

Dan: I just thought it irrelevant to be featured in some damn gossip rag.

Peter: Brainbombs live without the headlines. (...) it was the same on our first trip to Oslo, we got stopped in customs, we could have called Aftonbladet and scored some free publicity, but you just don't do that. It's unnecessary, and cheap.

Johannes: So, why don't you travel down to Stockholm to play for one night and get good money? It's just one night...

Peter: Ask Lanchy.

Johannes: So Lanchy is the culprit, I'm gonna put him against the wall, give me his number.

Dan: Lanchy and Jonas have a hard time... (inaudible).

Johannes: I thought Jonas was up for it?

Fredrik: No, but Jonas is almost harder to convince than even Lanchy. Lanchy is still rather cooperative. The guys in Totalitär have made him join them a couple of times. Admittedly, he told them it was "the last time", and all that, but still. If Jonas was a member of Totalitär, they wouldn't stand a chance.

Someone: Just ask him, he sits over there

(Confusion to some extent)

Johannes: But Stockholm still isn't London, which you also turned down.

Dan: We never had any offers for London...

Fredrik: You did. Although Lanchy, I don't think he ever told you...

(Scattered laughter)

(Drajan said...) Alec Empire was in contact with your record label Load, and told them he wanted you supporting Atari Teenage Riot in London, which would make you a lot of money. Good money. And I suppose Drajan asked Lanchy and Jonas about it, and they said no.

Johannes: Why not put a live band together, with different people?

Dan: We simply have to give up these session musicians, it's getting out of hand.

This far into the interview, both the discipline regarding the tape recorder and the ability to articulate has significantly deteriorated with both interviewers and interviewees, and it's getting increasingly difficult to make out what's said on the recording.

Johannes: I've got friends who'll do it.

Fredrik: It would have been a rather good idea (what? /editor's note). Why didn't Drajan come up with the idea? Maybe he needed two guitars.

Johannes: No problem, I'll send Leo and Markus and Alvin and...

Peter: But these people (other members of BB? /ed), they lead normal lives.

Fredrik: Well, yes... I think...

Peter: They're afraid of something...

Fredrik: Well, yes, surely we can arrange something.

Johannes: They'll be here soon, we can just ask them.

Dan: Who?

Johannes: My buddies, I'm sure they'll be able to play... They can play Brainbombs tunes (...) but you're like the stars of the band.

Dan: That's like Birger, who played in Oslo on the live recording, he downright refused to rehearse. Whenever he was on stage he just asked "what chord do you start with?"...and it came out alright.

Peter: No, but it pisses me off that you say we stole from Peter Sotos.

Fredrik: Well, yes, but it is theft...well, ok.

Peter: We might just as well copy the Bible, it's the same thing, kind of.


Fredrik: Not verbatim.

Johannes: You ought to take that one on as well.

Dan: I tend to get stuck on a sentence, when I saw...

Fredrik: Well, the meaning is...

Dan: Yes, and then I'll construct the lyrics around...around it, sorta.

Johannes: Mediocrity borrows, the genius steals, or was it the other way around? Big deal, if you do something good with it, then...

Fredrik: Better to steal and be upfront with it, than...

Dan: A lot of lyrics don't come from there. Most don't.

Fredrik: I get the feeling that some people believe all lyrics...

Peter: Sotos, of course, Pure, that's our Bible.

Fredrik: Did you read any of his newer stuff?


Pontus: Eh.

Peter: I'm more into sex. Porn.

Fredrik: Yes, but he writes about porn. He just finished this book about porn, entitled Lazy (?).

Johannes: That's not the one I've got?

Fredrik: No, it's really new, since about a month.

Peter: I'm more into kitchen-sink realism.

Fredrik: No, not much of that.

Pontus: Does reading Pure give you hard-ons?

Dan: It is pretty arousing, actually.

(Fredrik: says something about watching a backpack)

Dan: The best romantic comedy I know is The 120 Days of Sodom.

Johannes: I find it a bit boring.

Dan: Boring?

Johannes: Well, being a romantic comedy and all.

Dan: A romantic comedy, yes. Very beautiful movie. I'm more or less in love with what's-her-name, the pretty girl...Eva.

Pontus: Haven't seen it for quite a while. I took one of my first dates to it once.

Johannes: Did you score?

Dan: I took my girlfriend to the cinema to see it in Hudiksvall.

Pontus: It actually made the cinemas in Hudiksvall?

Peter: You're degrading and mocking one of the most beautiful movies ever made. "Romantic comedy", it's no comedy, there's no romance. Watch it frame by frame - it's like photography. Beauty-beauty-beautiful. There's no meaning to it, but the imagery is beautiful.

Johannes: It's a costume drama.

Peter: When you work with the elderly, shit-eating and pissing is nothing to you. You just disregard it.

Johannes: Did you ever clean these, I've heard old people have these open sores that never heal, and you have to clean them out and they're all full of pus and stuff...

Pontus: Yes, exactly, I was just about to ask that question.

Johannes: Strange thing no-one's ever made a gore movie about someone working in the home-help service.


Peter: ...smiling happily, face all smeared in feces. The more helpless and dependent, the better. The more bedridden, the more sores, the more diapers, the better.

Johannes: Are you looking forward to that situation yourself? Lying there shamelessly with your erection, babbling about, not making any sense, taking a shit in the lockers and so forth?

Peter: Jawohl! I wanna fuck an 18-year-old, I'm gonna bribe her with my pension. I'll sit in a wheelchair with my cane and beat people. I'll grope them hard between their legs. Hard. I'll strike fear into everyone, and no-one's going to want to enter my flat.

Johannes: Pretending to be senile ten years in advance.

Peter: Neglecting oldtimers with a smile, that's one of the most satisfying things there are.

Johannes: The union is on your side. Someone smeared feces all over an elderly person, and got his job back. Are you a union member?

Peter: Unfortunately, yes.

Johannes: This opens for unlimited opportunities. Your employment is guaranteed.

Peter: They sacked me during the holidays. But geriatric care is an inexhaustible source of joy.

Johannes: Did you read Geriatric Care in Upper Kågedalen, and do you find it to be fake?

Peter: Haven't read it. It has to be experienced first-hand.

Johannes: I received an offer, but I didn't have the guts.

Peter: It's like Resident Evil, you never know what's lurking behind the next door.

Fredrik: So, this is your current occupation?

Peter: Yes.

Fredrik: You told us you got fired?

Peter: That was before. I've finished three ones off this year.

Fredrik: Right. Nille spoke to you about your trumpeting, and was flabbergasted by the amount of thought that went into it.

Dan: ...

Fredrik: He had thought you were just blowing away without any second thoughts on how it would sound. When he told you he appreciated your playing on the last album you were very pleased, started explaining and stuff.

Peter: "Härlig är jorden".

Fredrik: Huh? "Härlig är jorden"?

Dan: Yes... what was the name of that tune again? I started off a bit hesitant like this... du... du... du... du... du... hesitant, "Härlig är jorden". That's how it begins. Then I wimped out and didn't keep on playing it, so I switched some things around. The thought behind it... since the music roughly consists of three chords, I'm effectively playing the melody. Myself, I find my playing on Obey to be the best.

Fredrik: There's not a lot of trumpet on that one.

Dan: Well... "Drive around"...

Johannes: That one's sort of a jazz standard.

Fredrik: Yes, I like the trumpet, it evokes feelings of...

Johannes: The trumpet is the song. The rest is just run-of-the-mill Brainbombs.

Fredrik: The trumpet along with the lyrics, kind of, the trumpet adds to the overall feeling of the lyrics.

Dan: That's one of the few songs I'm happy with.

Fredrik: Which are the other ones?

Dan: I like the entire album, "To Hurt", the next song after it.

Johannes: Yes. I have to say... your vocals... my buddies are afraid of you. They aren't scared of much, but, like I said before, before you arrived, it's really believable, pure kitchen-sink realism, you can really imagine a really bored bastard, hammer in hand, driving around, waiting to pick some hitcher up and give her what she deserves with her crappy employment.

Peter: No, it has nothing to do with work, or kitchen-sink realism, it's all about love. Love all around. If you've spent the night in [Stockholm suburb] Täby and then [subway station] T-Centralen and then have to take a cab to Uppsala and drink a lot of beer with alcoholics and experience the two-chord hell the day after, that's love. You can never stoop that low.

Johannes: Rather close to hatred, then.

Peter: Hate and love...

Johannes: Hate and love are the two feelings closest to one another.

Peter: A touch of melancholy as well.

Johannes: Melancholy, yes, but I find most people who try to depict this don't take boredom into account. "I'm so tired..." like ion "Driving through Leeds", a fantastic song. He's just tired and finds everything tiresome, and what the hell.

Peter: Yes, he's no energy to butcher any more. Tired.

Dan: I wrote that song in the studio, after five hours' recording we realised we needed another song. My head was throbbing with pain, and you'd been on the juice for twelve hours or something like that.

Peter: That record is like Tintin in Tibet. The white one, that's just white, I think (...) melancholic, no colours, nothing.

Johannes: We're talking about the black one. Or the second black one. (...) Yes, but "Driving through Leeds" is...

Dan: It's on the newest.

Peter: No, it's on Obey.

Dan: No, "Driving through Leeds" is on the newest.

Fredrik: (what sounds like) at the same time it's about Obey.

(Irritated discussion about what songs are on what albums erupts)

Dan: I'm tired, so tired. With Brainbombs that's just one more song just like another. The best thing we've made is "Macht", I believe.

Fredrik: That's close to being purely industrial.

Dan: Yes.

Johannes: I thought "Bleed" was better.

Fredrik: "Bleed" was more of...

Dan: What was a damn shame was that the guys pressing the record made a mistake. The song ends with Peter humming "Strangers in the Night", dududududu, and laughing, and that's the point of the whole song. Pure genius.

Johannes: It is. Strenjnchech innö najt... damn good.

Dan: Yes, and they left it out.

(Angry exclamations about "damn Czechs" and "damn Poles" from two directions)

Dan: Yes, that was the point of it all. A damn shame.

Peter: We don't care. Penetrating this world is too much of an effort. You record, then put it behind you, and let them do whatever they want to.

Johannes: Another bad memory to add to the rest.

Peter: Another low. You try to hit rock bottom, but there's always another, and then another.

Johannes: Another waiting.

Peter: You thing you've made it, that's why you keep going, but apparently there is no bottom. And this fuss about serial killer lyrics and stuff... why do people care? There is no value to life in itself.

Johannes: It's what you put into it.

Peter: Whoever fooled a human being into thinking that your life is precious? There is an abundance, we have, what, five billion people? Who told you that you should expect a good life, to be treated fairly?

Johannes: And not end up with a maniac with a hammer, locked-up in...

Peter: Or that you're precious? That's the worst lie of them all, that you're precious.

Pontus: Yes.

Peter: Did you watch The Third Man? Orson Welles watches a bunch of people from above. "They're just a bunch of ants".

Johannes: That's just beautiful.

Peter: But who told people living is worthwhile? That you are special. If a girl gets gang-raped...

Johannes: You'd care if it was your sister.

Peter: In five or ten years' time, who cares? When you look in a microscope at the... microbes or whatever... who cares? There are too many of them.

Fredrik: You don't value the lives of animals too much either?

Peter: Of course I do. I'm a vegetarian.

Fredrik: You're a vegetarian?

Johannes: They can't be worth more than humans?

Peter: No. No lives...

Dan: But people aren't worth more than animals.

Peter: As long as there's an abundance of life, life has no value.

Johannes: It has a value for the person experiencing it. Take me for example, I lead an extremely stimulating and full life, which is why I'd find it a shame if some bodybuilder-type dude would pummel me to death just because he dislikes my pal.

Peter: Yes, but let's put it this way...

Johannes: Then you'd find life damn unfair, but who said life was supposed to be fair, no-one has proven it, on the contrary, it's constantly refuted.

Pontus: Life is fair.

Peter: Next question, please.

Johannes: Oh, yes, about "Driving through Leeds", did your girlfriend live in Leeds, or did you just take it from...

Dan: No, that's from Peter Sutcliffe. We made a lot of songs about Peter Sutcliffe.

Johannes: He used to hang around in Leeds?

Dan: The Yorkshire Ripper, yes, they even had him for a reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. My girlfriend's dad used to work up there, driving around in a van, in the computer business, he actually got nicked by the cops and made a suspect and taken in for interrogation.

Pontus: During the chase of [copkiller] Tony Olsson, they arrested anyone with a beard and glasses.

Dan: Peter Sutcliffe did the same thing, posting letters to the police, mocking them.

Johannes: A lot of people did that.

Someone: Son of Sam...

Dan: ...He enjoyed that hammer and screwdriver business.

Pontus: Though, in the case of Son of Sam, he received messages through the neighbour's dog from a police sergeant, so he worked for the police.

Johannes: No, he was with the postal service.

Pontus: Well, yes, but he did his stuff... Craig..

Dan: He got his orders from his neighbour's dog Sam.

Pontus: But the dog, in turn, got his directives from Sergeant Craig Crass... Grassman, or something. So, eh, in one way or another, he was in public services.

Dan: The people to whom I've dedicated the most songs are Peter Sotos and Dennis Nielsen.

Johannes: Who's that?

(Uninspired chatter about serial killers)

Johannes: If a man were sucking your dick, would you prefer him to have a gun, or you?

Dan: Why... would he be sucking my dick?

Johannes: No idea, but he's doing it, alright, who has the gun?

Dan: I, naturally. When I come, I pull the trigger.

Fredrik: Wasting yourself or him?

Dan: Him, of course.

Johannes: That's less homophobic than the reverse "he would have to have a gun for me to do it".

Peter: Sex is sex, whichever way.

Johannes: No prejudice here.


Dan: Lipstick on my dick.

Johannes: That's a classic.

Fredrik: I think it loses in impact by you singing the lyrics three times. It's like a joke told three times in a row.


Fredrik: You didn't give the singing any thoughts, you just recited...

Dan: The worst, I think, is that the best lyrics I've written, have never come across, since the recordings turned out so crap.

Peter: But you're master of your own fate, Dan, fix it yourself.

Dan: I did on some tracks, but I find "Angels Crawling" the best.

Johannes: That's on the bad album.

Fredrik: That's because the production is so lousy. Could you explain the lyrics to us, who didn't catch them?

Dan: Five in the morning, I stare at the Wall, insects coming out, angels crawling over my floor.

This is all I can decipher, and typically the most interesting stuff came out later in the evening, after the tape ran out. For instance, the brother took credit for having ruined Mondo Gnarp/Kristet Utseende-Jesper. Peter told me more about emptiness than I ever wanted to know. The information that wasn't denied entry to my brain by the booze is now erased forever. I guess the MÖ!!MÖ!!! readers unfamiliar with Brainbombs constitute a minority, but I'd still recommend them the newly-released singles collection 1986-1993 as a taster. Since this is often misinterpreted as personal fanzine I might as well, as editor, state some wimpy disclaimer about some of the rather controversial opinions voiced by the brothers, but that would be just wimpy, and besides, I agree with them to a great extent. When they're not featured in MÖ!!MÖ!!!, Johannes Nilsson and Fredrik: Jonsson have a wide array of pursuits, some of which is available in the reviews section. I might add that the soundtrack for Johannes's creepy snuff-vacation movie Luxemburg will soon be available through Fylkingen Records, and that damn book he was writing maybe will be released during 2001 (on Benno?), but I'll have to see it to believe it. Regarding Brainbombs, they hooked up with Alec Empire again, but you knew that already. I feel soiled.