Interview from Ugly American #9, 1994
Kindly provided by Steve at Flux Apparition

These rare Europeans have the uncanny ability to blast a riff into dust, sniff it up and sneeze it out like a fire breathing fygar. If you haven't had a dose, get experienced right quick. Their Burning Hell LP would be a good start if it were still in print, it's a distorted funhouse mirror of noisy calamity, burnout pyschedelia, and retard in pain pyrotechnics. It was so good, this shitty mail interview was drawn up and mailed out in an attempt to harrass them, if not get their secret recipe.

UA: Greg

BB: The unknown Brainbomb

UA: Is it true that Swedish women have hairy underarms?

BB: Compared to American women's child-like underarms, I'd say they're pretty hairy.

UA: When did the Brainbombs first start ticking?

BB: It has always been here.

UA: Describe & name each member.

BB: Dan, 36 (punk rocker); Peter, ? (all-around nice guy); Drajan, 26 (gay); Lanchy, ? (scared); Jonas, 13 (occult).

UA: How do you approach recording?

BB: "What does it sound like?"

UA: List drugs of preferance or useage.

BB: Dangerous stuff.

UA: Is it easy to get high there?

BB: Yes.

UA: How cool is the pornography?

BB: Masturbation-wise, just fine.

UA: Any favorite death metal bands?

BB: Burzum. Count Grishnack from this band killed the most prominent figure in the Norwegian "Satanist scene" because he wanted to be it. His trial starts today...

UA: What's the scene like? Any decent bands?

BB: In Sweden, no.

UA: As foreigners, what's your perception of America?

BB: We're all waiting for the race revolution to begin.

UA: Are you at odds with God?

BB: He/She no longer exists.

UA: Future plans? Tours, etc.

BB: We're gonna play in Oslo on 12/5/94. Our 1st concert ever was in Oslo a year ago. Then there's a split 7" with Oslo grown Anal Babes on the Belgian label Pitsbull/Demolition Derby. But even the thought of trying to think further makes us shiver in fear.


"Jack the Ripper Lover"/"No End" 7" Brain 1 1989
"Anne Frank"/"No Guilt" 7" Brain 2 1990
"It's A Burning Hell"/"No Place" 7" Big Ball Rec. 005 1992
Burning Hell LP Blackjack 1992
"Turned Around" on King Kong 3 compilation EP
"Live In Oslo" 7" Big Ball Rec. 011 1994
New LP Blackjack 1994