Interview from Moshable #12, 1992

Brainbombs... Yeah, we've been hailing these guys from Stockholm for the last couple of issues, and there's good reason for that. After releasing a couple of cool 7" on their own, Brainbombs got in contact with Big Ball Records who released their brilliant "It's A Burning Hell" 7". Harsh, monotone and yet appealing noise, that, adding the fucked attitude of the band, gives these guys a certain identity in the Scandinavian scene.

After a lot of delay Brainbombs have finally released their debut album on Blackjack records. "Yes, it's finally out. I guess Blackjack didn't have any money until now, but now we'll get rich when you stupid cocksuckers buy this record because it's so unbeliveable tough, and you want to be so hard, don't you?" says the... eh, very friendly Drajan of the Brainbombs. I doubt very much that they will get rich cuz musically they take no prisoners. The no-compromise attitude have got them some attention tho', and they ended up on the King Kong vol.3 compilation. "Originally we had recorded a version of "That's the way I like it" (K.C. and the sunshine band), that was funky as fuck, but the King Kongs thought it was too commercial. So someone recorded the Chrome track with a few guest musicians, and you'll just have to take it fo what it is. A faint cover of the original."

As for the concept of the 7" zine "King Kong" (wich I think is brilliant) Drajan has some doubts: "As for the concept itself I think it's a nice try but why all the lame bands (Sator, G.O.L.D., Nomads etc.) who noone is interested in but asslickers." My "theory" about the Scandinavian scene doesn't catch on, either: "I hate this. You are totally wrong! I can not name one scandinavian band that has any guts of originality but a mere handful. And who they are is so obvious so there's no need telling."

I think you can trust me when I say that Brainbombs sees theirself as a part of this elite. Anyway, here's what they have in the pipeline for the future: "Coming up your ass is probably two more singles. One on Big Ball Records (those guys give good head) and maybe another one on a New York label. Blackjack said earlier that they wanted to release out old stuff but we'll see about that".