Brainbombs "MACHT/B.L.E.E.D." gun court 7" single <33 1/3>

Swaying psychedelic noise drenched grooves that you just won't be able to get out of your head. Seriously, this is one of those 7"s that will just stick in your head as a fucked up winner and it'll be something you'll want to remember to dive into again months and years down the road. The A side starts off with a little royal tribute which soon tracks into a blasting psychedelic dream with very rough edges accented by a horn and a person in the background yelling MACHT!!!MACHT!!!!. B Side, the groove kicks in immediatly and doesn't let up EVER. This time around, we are allowed to listen in on an invitation for a whore to B.L.E.E.D. Spell it out. Bleed for your pleasure, bleed for your pain. The Brainbombs give you full reason to BLEED! Welcome to hell.


Reviewed January 12, 1999